History of 1960s'/70s' Saloons and Coupés

Mercedes launched the W110 as an entry-level line of the mid-size automobile in the mid-1960s'. The line was refreshed in 1965 with the introduction of new models. The production lasted for three more years, the W110 and the W111 (6-cylinder) were the first series of cars from Mercedes to be extensively crash-tested for passenger safety aspects.

The replacement of the W111 began with the W108 under the leadership of designer Paul Bracq in 1961, ending in 1963. The most recognisable differences were the fins' departure, the W108 compared to the W111 had a lower waistline which increased the window area & the windscreen was much larger than W111s'. With reduced ride height by 60 mm and wider doors, the result was a far more sleek appearance matched with an open and spacious interior.

Mercedes introduced the W123 range of models as executive cars which were produced between 1976 and 1985. These models sold a record 2.7 million units before they were replaced with W124 models in 1985.

The S-Class W116 was introduced in 1972 as a line of luxury flagship vehicles. The overall design of these cars incorporated various safety features and has been the preferred series for the addition and debut of the latest features and technological advancements.

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