• MB Chassis Reference & History

    • Mercedes launched the W110 as an entry level line of mid-size automobile in the mid-1960s'. The line was refreshed in 1965 with the introduction of new models. The production lasted for three more years, the W110 and the W111 (6-cylinder) were the first series of cars from Mercedes to be extensively crash tested for passenger safety aspects.

      The replacement of the W111 began with the W108 under the leadership of designer Paul Bracq in 1961, ending in 1963. The most …

    • Mercedes announced the W126 series in late 1979 as a 1980model and it replaced the W116 series. The cars featured improved aerodynamics, redesigned engine blocks and a whole lot of new features. These cars were manufactured from 1979 until 1991 with a mid-cycle update. 

      Mercedes introduced their 1971 patented driver side airbag in 1981 and passenger side airbags later in 1988 in their W126 line of cars. The cars also came with seatbelt pre-tensioners and traction control. 

      The E-Class made its appearance for the first time with the …

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